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California DUI Law &DUI Defense &DUI Law &Kapsack & Bair bruce on 12 Feb 2013

Big Win for DUI Defense at The Appellate Court

In the First Appellate District Court of California, the law firm of Kapsack & Bair won an appeal of their earlier lower-court victory over the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The Appellate Court not only agreed with the lower court, but chose to issue a “published opinion,” to create a precedent for how law enforcement officers can legally conduct chemical tests.

You can read the full press release or jump right to the published decision.


DUI Enforcement &DUI Issues &DUI Law &Kapsack & Bair &Notable DUI Defendants hudson on 28 Aug 2012

SF Archbishop Suspected DUI in San Diego

Over the weekend the newly appointed Archbishop for San Francisco was arrested in San Diego. Mr. Kapsack was quoted in an Oakland Tribune article relating to the caution that District Attorney’s will exercise in evaluating evidence and determining whether charges should be filed. Our office often tries to intervene in the process between arrest and filing to put forward defense strategies and prevent charges from being filed, for regular citizens as well as high profile citizens. Early intervention may prevent charges from being filed. Read the Oakland Tribune Article.

Kapsack & Bair staff on 20 Apr 2012


The 19th annual Mastering Scientific Evidence seminar, put on by Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and hosted by Troy McKinney showed once again why Bruce Kapsack is one of the top minds in DUI defense. Not only did Mr. Kapsack score the highest marks for his lecture on presenting the defense expert in DUI cases, he combined with forensic expert Jan Semenoff, of Saskatoon Canada, in giving the highest rated talk of the entire three day event.

Mr. Kapsack will next be lecturing on June 8th, in Monterey for the California Public Defender Association, at their annual DUI conference. Mr. Kapsack has been a mainstay and top draw at this training for nearly a decade. Having served as a Regent for the National College for DUI Defense, Mr. Kapsack was the first attorney in California to take and pass the Board Certification in DUI defense acknowledged by the American Bar Association. Kapsack and Bair, LLP is AVVO 10 of 10 and Martindale/Hubbell AV rated. Much of his technique is contained in Innovative DUI Trial Tools, James publishing, the top selling book on litigating DUI cases.

DUI Cases &DUI Defense &Kapsack & Bair staff on 07 Mar 2012

San Francisco DUI Convictions May Be Entitled to Relief

As reported in the news, and as commented on NBC news by Bruce Kapsack, the San Francisco Police Department has admitted to what amounts to fraud in the maintenance of some breath machines. Kapsack & Bair, LLP, will be conducting a full investigation of all San Francisco DUI convictions from the last several years.

If you have had a case in San Francisco, whether you were our client or not, please feel free to send an email to us with your name and case number to see if your DUI may be reconsidered and if you may be entitled to other relief.

We have set up a special email account

Kapsack & Bair bruce on 10 May 2011

Bruce Kapsack Top Lecturer in Tucson

I was recently voted top lecturer at the Arizona Criminal Defense Bar DUI program. Here’s the press release

Speaking for the Arizona Criminal Defense Bar on May 6th at their annual DUI program, Mr. Kapsack, of Kapsack and Bair, LLP, once again demonstrated why he is one of the most sought after lecturers and one of the best attorneys in the DUI defense field. Using techniques from his top selling book, Innovative DUI Trial Tools, James Publishing, Bruce lectured on redefining the process of Opening and Closing arguments to today’s juries.

Mr. Kapsack will next be lecturing in Chicago for the Illinois Bar on two topics,Trial Techniques and Breath testing. Having served as a Regent for the National College for DUI Defense, Mr. Kapsack was the first attorney in California to take and pass the Board Certification in DUI defense acknowledged by the American Bar Association. Kapsack and Bair, LLP is AVVO 10 of 10 and Martindale/Hubbell AV rated.

Kapsack & Bair staff on 11 Jun 2010

New Sacramento Office

Kapsack & Bair have been defending DUI cases in the Sacramento area for over a dozen years. We have great familiarity with the courts and DA’s in Sacramento, Yolo, Placer, and El Dorado Counties.

More and more people arrested for DUI in these areas have been looking to our expertise to see them through. Now Kapsack and Bair are happy to announce we will be meeting with clients and offering free initial consultations in a convenient downtown Sacramento location.

Sacramento DUI Lawyer
Esquire Plaza
1215 K Street
17th Floor
Sacramento, California 95814
United States
(916) 930-1967

Kapsack & Bair staff on 07 May 2010

Free Cab Rides for Oakland’s First Friday

Kapsack & Bair are very happy to be teaming up with Oakland’s Friendly Cab company to offer Free cab rides for the city’s monthly downtown art’s festival – the Oakland Art Murmur.

The Oakland art murmur happens the First Friday of every month is a collective community party that celebrates art, music, and fun. It is a great time time to show off the revitalization of Oakland’s Uptown District.

During First Friday many of Oakland’s premier bars and clubs also participate as their mixologists vie to out-do one another with fancy libations. While art, music, fun, and cocktails can sometimes come together, at Kapsack & Bair, we know that drinking and driving never do.

If your First Friday fun involves cocktails, please get a short-hop cab voucher from one of our partner drinking establishments:

Kapsack & Bair bruce on 03 Sep 2009

New Review for Innovative DUI Trial Tools

I realize not everyone receives The Champion – the trade magazine of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL), so I thought I would mention Allen Trapp’s review of Innovative DUI Trial Tools in the July issue.

Allen who serves as Georgia’s Delegate to the NCDD points out that not all of the techniques will work in every jurisdiction – fair enough. He goes on to say

the chapter on opening statements is definitely worth reading, while the chapter on cross-examination alone is worth the price of the book.

Allen also had nice things to say about the chapter on closings

The lawyer who defends DUI cases on a daily basis will find the chapter on closing arguments fertile with practical solutions to nagging problems.

Innovative DUI Trial Tools is currently available from James Publishing.

DUI Law &Kapsack & Bair bruce on 31 Jul 2009

Quote in LawyersUSA Story

In the recent story by Sylvia Hsiehin in LawyersUSA on the ramifications of Melendez-Diaz v. Massachusetts, I provided some clarification on the scope of the ruling.

Melendez will be an issue only in criminal DUI prosecutions, not in civil or administrative hearings, noted Bruce Kapsack a criminal defense attorney with Kapsack & Bair in San Francisco.

For more details on what exactly this ruling means see my earlier post,
United State Supreme Court Reaffirms The Constitutional Right Of Confrontation

Kapsack & Bair bruce on 19 Nov 2008

Innovative DUI Trial Tools Getting Great Reviews

My latest book — Innovative DUI Trial Tools — has been getting some really nice reviews by lawyers across the country. This type of feedback from actual practitioners is encouragement.

I recently bought Innovative DUI Trial Tools ($99 at ), and have now read it cover to cover. I took away at least 10 gems that I will put to use immediately. I thought to myself: When is the last time you got that much from a cle? Some of the material may be old hat for those on this listserv with decades of experience. But for the rest of us, I thought the book was informative, easy to use and an excellent addition to my DUI library.

Kudos to Bruce.

The Angles Law Firm, LLC

I wholeheartedly agree. I read the whole thing in one night and issued some new motions the next day.

Scott C. Nolan
Scott Nolan Law

I received my copy while you all were at the Vegas seminar! I read it and had tons more fun than I would have if I were in Vegas!!!!! Well, not really, but I probably learned as much AND it cost me less than I would have spent in one trip to the tables (because I’m a crappy gambler).

Money well spent!

Jeffrey C. Meadows
Lyons & Lyons Co., L.P.A.

Thanks guys for the nice words!

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