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DUI Cases hudson on 16 Jul 2013 08:23 am

NFL DUI Suspensions

As a Raider season ticket holder I am always cheering for bad news for other teams in the AFC West.  I am not cheering for the news out of Denver regarding the teams reaction to the arrests of two of its executives for suspicion of DUI.  Yes, suspicion of DUI, in fact these two executives haven’t been charged with any crime…yet.

Kapsack & Bair, LLP has exclusively handled DUI cases for over 16 years, we have seen cases like these end up dismissed, acquitted and reduced.  Our Founding Fathers stated that a basic premise of our justice system was “innocent until proven guilty” yet these two men have been suspended (one indefinitely and one for a month) from their jobs yet neither has been charged with a crime nor provided the opportunity to defend themselves against these charges.  It certainly is a tragic day for justice when one of our fundamental tenets is tossed to the side, especially when the NFL prides itself on being representative of the United States to an international audience.

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