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Monthly ArchiveSeptember 2009

Uncategorized hudson on 21 Sep 2009

Welcome to Canada, Now go home…

As the winter Olympics approach we are contacted be more and more persons who are planning on traveling to British Columbia to see some of the events in Whistler. Many of the persons contacting us have read about Canada’s prohibition of person’s charged and/or convicted of driving under the influence in the United States. Unfortunately, this is indeed the case, if you have been convicted of an alcohol related driving crime in the United States your admission to Canada may depend upon the good will of the person you encounter at the border. As a general rule, if you have been convicted, you can not expect to be admitted. That being said, admission is ultimately determined by the person inspecting the documents and making the decision at the border.

For many people, purchasing expensive tickets to sporting events and hotel rooms, the uncertainty is disconcerting. Recently, an article was published regarding the admission policies of the Canadian government. The article accurately states that there are three ways to ensure admission, apply to be a temporary resident, apply for rehabilitation or be deemed rehabilitated. The availablity of the particular process relies upon how much time has passed between the conviction and the attempted admission. For more information check out the article or review the official Canadian website .

Kapsack & Bair bruce on 03 Sep 2009

New Review for Innovative DUI Trial Tools

I realize not everyone receives The Champion – the trade magazine of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL), so I thought I would mention Allen Trapp’s review of Innovative DUI Trial Tools in the July issue.

Allen who serves as Georgia’s Delegate to the NCDD points out that not all of the techniques will work in every jurisdiction – fair enough. He goes on to say

the chapter on opening statements is definitely worth reading, while the chapter on cross-examination alone is worth the price of the book.

Allen also had nice things to say about the chapter on closings

The lawyer who defends DUI cases on a daily basis will find the chapter on closing arguments fertile with practical solutions to nagging problems.

Innovative DUI Trial Tools is currently available from James Publishing.