Innovative DUI Trial Tools

James Publishing is just about to release my new book Innovative DUI Trial Tools. Here’s the publisher’s synopsis:

How the best lawyers consistently win DUI cases

To win regularly, you need to capture both the hearts and the minds of jurors.

The mind is simpler to persuade. You capture jurors’ minds through your cross examination, if the defense is one of prosecutorial problems … bad machine or bad procedures, or through your witnesses if the defense is something else … GERD, necessity, etc.

The heart is more difficult.  To persuade the heart, you need to give jurors a simple answer to the question posed by family and friends, “How come you let the drunk go?”  You need to make jurors want to let your client off.

Bruce Kapsack’s Innovative DUI Trial Tools provides strategies and language for persuading both hearts and minds.  These methods and arguments have succeeded in trial after trial, and can work for you.

Attention-getting openings
You can’t convince them if they aren’t listening to you.  Here is how to grab jurors in the first sentence and get them thinking that a fellow citizen has been falsely charged:

  • Providing a strong argument, not a trial road map.  §3:04
  • How to make it detailed and personal.  §3:04
  • Filling in the blanks with positive information.  §3:07
  • Pointing out the problems with the prosecution’s case.  §3:08
  • Boosting the officer and prosecution expert so you can knock them down on cross.  §3:10
  • How to use surprise to your advantage.  §3:11 Continue Reading »